Have you suffered Accidental Damage in your home?

Examples of accidental damage: DIY accidents, DIY damage to ceilings, DIY damage to walls, spilling paint, knocking over TV, children causing damage.

Accidental Insurance Claims

Accidental Damage Claims

What are Accidental Damage claims

Accidental damage can be defined as “damage that occurs suddenly as a result of an unexpected and non-deliberate external action”. Some examples could be; bursting a pipe while putting a nail through a wall, putting your foot through your attic ceiling, kids smashing the TV while throwing objects inside the house, spilling paint or nail varnish on your carpet, leaving taps on causing flooding. It would be impossible to define everything that would be and would not be considered accidental damage on this page. If you have suffered any damage to your home or contents then your best course of action is to call us and speak to us over the phone, where we can tell you if your accidental damage incidence is covered.

Whats next with an accidental damage claim

Accidental damage cover is not included on all policies; on some policies it is only offered as a paid add-on. If you experience an accident in your home and would like to know if you are entitled to claim, call us straight away and we can discuss the damage over the phone. If we believe you would be entitled to claim, then we will ask you to send on a copy of your policy to us. After reviewing your policy if you are indeed entitled to claim then we would come out to inspect the damage and create a report of all the damage, which will then be used to file your claim on your behalf. The phone call is free, your initial consultation is free and PCLA has a NO WIN – NO FEE policy on all claims.

Accidental Damage Claims

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