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Flood Damage To Property

About Flood Damage

Flood damage is a devastating peril to experience. The main source is from flash floods and rivers bursting their banks, however it can also be caused by blocked drains during heavy rains. No matter what the source of the flood, the water can quickly become contaminated with sewerage and then even when the water subsides, you will be left with a biohazard. This means that any porous materials, such as timber / plasterwork in your house will hold onto bacteria and will need to be removed. If this is not remedied correctly by a professional company, it is harmful to your health. We have handled all size flood claims and are trained to spot the potential problems which may not be visible to the untrained eye. Call us out today to inspect your flood damaged property.

What to do next

Your first instinct might be to just repaint and plaster as soon as possible, this is not advisable. If your property is not fully decontaminated, stripped back and dried out completely before commencing the reinstatement works, you could create a bigger problem than you originally had with the flood. If your flood water became contaminated this needs to be sanitised professionally. This cleaning is not cheap but without it you could be putting yourself at risk of black mould and other harmful mould / bacteria. With PCLA on your side, if you are entitled to get covered for this damage then we will ensure you get your full entitlement to restore your home to it pre-flood condition.

Flood Damage To Property

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