Always take out an insurance policy

published on September 11, 2018 by Peter

As public Loss Assessors, too often we come across people with no insurance on their property. There’s always excuses about letting the policy lapse, not viewed as essential etc. etc. Given that your home is the most single valuable asset you have, insuring it is essential. Another situation is where people could be in a flood prone zone and once they have a flood the insurer will cover them on that first occasion but exclude flood cover thereafter. Then again they let the policy lapse thinking it’s not worth it – they couldn’t be more wrong. In addition to flood these other perils are all covered. See the photo below demonstrating that even though the area is flooded, fire damage is still a big risk.
Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake, Smoke, falling trees/branches/aerials/masts/satellite dishes/security cameras, Impact by aircraft/other flying objects/road and rail vehicles/animals, Subsidence, Leaking water or oil pipes, Theft, Riot, etc.
Flood and storm – which go together are only a small part of your policy.

If you do have a claim always use a professional to act on YOUR behalf. In Property Claim Loss Assessors Ltd we are Engineers, Building Surveyors and certified insurance practitioners with over 20 years of experience. Our first survey is free.
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