Cold weather coming

published on November 28, 2018 by Peter

Given how quickly October turned cold this year the onset of a freezing winter could be possible. If your occupying your home and heating it every day, there generally shouldn’t be any problems. However, if you do decide to go away for Christmas it’s imperative that you take precautions.

  1. Make sure your boiler has been serviced this year and leave the boiler on a timer for a few hours every day. Remember our coldest time is at night
  2. Insulate all accessible pipes. Attic pipes are the most prone to freezing as people tend to insulate at ceiling level and the attic pipes remain above this. Cover all attic pipe work with insulation foam and tape all joints. It’s amazing how small gaps can cause frozen pipes.
  3. Leave all doors and attic hatch open. This will allow heat into the attic and cupboards
  4. Allow a small drip in the taps will prevent a pressure build up in the pipes.

If you have damage as a result of a frozen pipes, have it professionally assessed. In Property Claims Loss Assessors Ltd we are Engineers and Building Surveyors with over 20 years’ experience. In addition to frozen pipe damage we also cover damage from standard pipe leaks, storm, flood, fire, subsidence, break-ins, etc. Our first survey is free and we are a ‘no win no fee’ company.


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