Fire & Smoke Damage

published on January 6, 2016 by Peter

Fire damage to your home can be a real tragedy, and sadly at such a time people often have to deal with the very stressful matter of making an insurance claim.

Level of Damage

Fire or smoke damage can be absolutely devastating and sometimes results in the property having to be demolished and re-built. Even if the fire was contained to a limited number of rooms, smoke can cause a serious amount of damage to décor, soft furnishings and clothing throughout the entire property.

How a Loss Assessor Can Help

The good news is that you can hire a professional yourself to fight back against this treatment.  A loss assessor will inspect the damage to your home and make an accurate report for the insurance company that helps to ensure you get the full amount you are entitled to.

A professional loss assessor is brilliant at including micro cleaning of electrical sockets and ducts. Also loss assessors can identify items that absorb smoke and cannot be cleaned eg soft furnishings and kitchen units made of chipboard

Trying to handle the process of making an insurance claim by yourself is always a false economy (and especially in the case of fire damage) because insurance companies won’t simply take you at your word.  Without a loss assessor to back you up, they will definitely pay you much less, and not only because it’s easier to undermine your confidence when you take them on by yourself.

Another reason why many home owners, landlords, and business operators end up not receiving as much as they ought to receive is because they underestimate the damage in the first place, and that’s before a loss adjuster comes in and tries to reduce the estimate even further.

The problem is that damage caused by fire is often more substantial than it appears.  That’s really saying something, because fire damage is quite obvious in most cases, but the damage is not only confined to what you can see.

For example, extreme heat may have caused melting and warping in places where the fire itself never reached.  There are all kinds of other problems that may be potentially hidden, and it requires a trained and experienced professional to calculate the full extent of the damage that may have occurred following a fire.

A professional loss assessment will save you time and trouble, and you’ll be able to make your insurance claim with confidence.

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