Flood Damage

published on March 6, 2016 by Peter

Flood damage is very disruptive to your home or business and naturally you will want to do everything possible to get the damage repaired quickly. When these disasters happen, because of the volume of claims, Insurance companies may be slow in inspections and settlements.

Hidden Flood Damage

Flood Damage Residential Property

Flood damage is not limited to what you see immediately. Stud partitions and low level electrics are two examples of problems with hidden flood damage. If not addressed immediately these problems could cause building problems and possibly health implications.

In the months following the flood. Flood waters include everything contained in the underground sewers and must be treated as contaminated water. As the onus is on policyholders (ie the general public ) to present the claim it’s important that all aspects of the damage are included.

This is the reason why many insurance claimants underestimate the amount they should claim, and more often than not the insurance company will find some strategy to knock the amount down even further.

How a Loss Assessor Can Help

A professional loss assessor can help you avoid this fate, as they have the experience and training to understand all of the potential damage that could be affecting your property, and they know what to look for.  Because it is their job, they see far more homes affected by floods than the average person does in a lifetime, so they can make an accurate assessment of flood damage based on their experience and training.

Loss assessors are independent professionals who work on your behalf to ensure you get a fair settlement from your insurer.  This means a settlement that will at least cover all the costs of the damages your property has sustained, so that you don’t end up losing.

An even more important reason to work with a loss assessor is that they may identify other problems of which you were not aware, and that can save you a lot of money as well.  This way you can be sure you are claiming the correct insurance, and that you will have the money to carry out repairs that can prevent more problems in the future.

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