I Have Cracks in my Walls What Should I do?

published on August 17, 2016 by Peter

Crack in an outside wallWhen people call us with this question then we see it as potential subsidence. I always ask the following questions in advance of our free visit.

  • Are the cracks on both sides of the wall ie do they go right through the wall? If only on one side then it could be  just a crack in the plaster.
  • Are the cracks wider at the top than at the bottom. If yes then this suggests a downward subsidence movement on one side. If not and the crack has the same width top to bottom then it could be an expansion contraction crack instead.
  • How long is the property owned?
  • At the time of purchase was a survey or valuation carried out. If so and no cracking was identified this will make for a better case with insurers.
  • On the insurance side then is the question when were the cracks first noticed and how many insurers have been on cover since then. If its only one insurer great as dealing with several insurers can be difficult.
  • When we do our field survey I always check the alignment and pattern of cracking and is it pointing me in a certain direction which might give me a clue to the cause. Leaking underground pipes are a normal cause. Structures on made up ground are excluded.

Property claims loss assessors are experts in this field don’t be afraid to call us and avail of our first survey is free.

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