Is There a Smell of Oil in Your Property?

published on June 14, 2018 by Peter

Sometimes People don’t realise that they have an oil leak until a neighbour or friend visits and says there an oil smell in the house. People with internal oil boilers or agga cookers may not realise that the feed pipes are leaking. Hydro carbons can affect people’s health especially someone with breathing difficulties like asthma. The clean-up of these leaks after the pipe is fixed can be very costly as it may involve jack hammering up floors down to foundation level (see photo below). Obviously in most situations people have to move out of their homes whilst these works are being carried out. As the works are ongoing the air is monitored and tested by independent companies.

The good news is that property insurance policies cover the cost of these clean ups and the cost of alternative accommodation. There is an un occupancy clause where it not covered if the property is vacant for more than 60 days as an example. The mess in the property after the clean-up will need to be assessed professionally. In all these situations it would be better to have a professional on your side. Property Claims Loss Assessors Ltd has over 20 years of experience dealing with these claims. Our first survey is free and we are a ‘no win no fee’ company (ie no pay-out no fee).

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