Laminate Flooring versus Hardwood

published on September 11, 2018 by Peter

Laminate flooring is now the public’s favourite choice as opposed to 10 years ago where hardwoods were more favoured. In fact, in the flooring showrooms you may not find any hardwoods displayed. The prefinished laminates are all being manufactured in Germany and Austria and the quality has improved greatly in the last 4 years. Even though there are numerous natural wood finishes to choose from – the painted light greys are the most popular. Okay so what about the practicalities

Price: Laminates are generally 50% cheaper in supply and install

Durability: Hardwood is more susceptible to scratching, water damage and wears more in heavily trafficked areas. Laminates are more durable and resist scratching, moisture damage and wear and tear. Easier to maintain /clean.

Repair: Hardwood can be sanded and re stained whereas laminates have to be replaced. As they mostly tacked and glued together, then the entire floor must be replaced.
The position with home Insurance companies is that they accept the above repairs to floors when pipe leaks damage them. Hardwoods whilst they can be re sanded this can only be done on two to three times before the joints split from over sanding. Therefore, the lifespan of the hardwood floor is reduced.

If you have water damage to floors from leaking pipes, appliances, radiators etc. and are thinking of making a home insurance claim it’s important that you retain a professional to act on your behalf. People forget about a floor’s lifespan, floors running under skirting’s’, kitchens, built in units, toilets, sinks etc. If you’re going to be without a kitchen do you need alternative accommodation.
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