New Moisture Metres

published on November 28, 2017 by Peter

surveymasterDetecting dampness is at the core of our business and as engineers and building surveyors, we are only as good as our equipment. Tracing dampness and damage from a leak requires investigative skills and the latest equipment so provide ‘Protimeter Surveymaster’ moisture metres to all of our assessors.

Our new metres have advanced Amphenol sensors. As with tradition metres there are two prongs at the front that can be inserted into wall and timber surfaces, then a sensor pad at the bottom can detect dampness up to 19mm behind/below a surface (eg ceramic tiles). For hard to access surfaces, an extension with prongs can be attached to the side. Finally, by drilling holes the long sensors (green above) can detect dampness at deeper levels.

Whilst these new metres are not cheap, we never put cost above quality of service.

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