Safety Tips for Flooded Homes

published on December 18, 2018 by Peter

General advice

The floodwater that entered your property may cause illness if you do not take a few simple precautions.

  1. Pervious items including soft furnishings, carpets, sofas, curtains and clothes should be discarded
  2. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning up floodwater damage and watch out for broken glass and nails
  3. Any cuts should be covered up with waterproof dressings
  4. Wash away surface debris, silt and mud with hot water and detergent
  5. Wipe over surfaces with a weak solution of bleach (5mil to 1 litre of water) alternatively use an anti- bacterial disinfectant such as Milton, Detox etc. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Remember to wash your hands before eating or smoking.
  7. Have your electricity and gas checked by the relevant qualified tradesmen
  8. Thoroughly clean any taps that have come in contact with floodwater by running for 5 to 108. Thoroughly clean any taps that have come in contact with floodwat minutes
  9. All food reparation surfaces, equipment, crockery cutlery, glassware etc. must be cleaned and disinfected before any food is prepared
  10. Any food and associated packaging contaminated with floodwater must be disposed of.

If you feel unwell in the next few days especially with an upset stomach, see your doctor and tell him/her that you have been cleaning up flood water.

If you have damage as a result of a flood, have it professionally assessed. In Property Claims Loss Assessors Ltd we are Engineers and Building Surveyors with over 20 years’ experience. Knowing what damage can be caused by floods and how it is professionally cleaned and disinfected is always a normal part of our assessment. We always advise clients after a flood to never start repairs until all the flood damage is cleaned and certified. In addition to flood damage we also cover damage from pipe leaks, storm, fire, subsidence, break-ins, etc. Our first survey is free and we are a ‘no win no fee’ company.

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