Snow coming! Protect your roof

published on January 29, 2019 by Peter

Last winter we assessed hundreds of properties with snow damage to the roofs. When a roof or gutters become over loaded with snow or ice it can do terrible damage. Most roofs wouldn’t be designed to take that excessive weight. Equally a build-up of ice in a gutter can collapse a gutter.

Roofs can collapse with an excess of snow. Particularly roofs with large spans and low pitches and big openings in side walls eg Farm storage buildings, or overhangs as per the picture below.

After a major snowfall it’s important that the roof and gutters are cleared of snow and ice. We would recommend you use a fully insured competent roofer to carry out this work, for two reasons 1. safety 2. You could damage the roof.

If you have damage as a result of a snow storm, have it professionally assessed. In Property Claims Loss Assessors Ltd we are Engineers and Building Surveyors with over 20 years’ experience. certified. In addition to storm damage we also cover damage from pipe leaks, storm, flood, subsidence, break-ins, etc. Our first survey is free and we are a ‘no win no fee’ company.

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