Underfloor leak

published on March 26, 2020 by admin

An underfloor leak can be hard to identify and could even take months before anything is noticed in some cases. Underfloor leaks can be identified in some cases by a constant filling of the water tank usually located in the attic or by a drop in the pressure within the heating system. Other indicators such as unexplained puddles of water appearing on the floor or unexplained damp patches. Even with these indicators of a leak it can still be difficult to locate the leak especially if it is located within a concrete floor slab for instance.
The floor covering may not show any signs of damage however it may be concealing the leaking pipe in the floor slab. In this instance specialist leak detection companies can be engaged in order to find the leak using specialist equipment to determine its location. As with any insurance claim which relates to a leak this leak must be found in order for a claim to be paid out on and underfloor leaks are no exception even though they can prove more difficult to locate. To balance this, once a leak is located a section of most insurance policy’s entitled “Trace & Access” can be included in the claim to try cover the cost of locating the leak. There are limits to this entitlement however and can vary between around €650 in the south and as much as £5000 in Northern Ireland. Any resulting damage from this leak can also be claimed for under the insurance policy such as damage to floor coverings, kitchen units, skirting boards or plasterwork along with any associate works required on order to repair this damage.
Here in Property Claims Loss Assessors we deal with underfloor leaks on a regular basis and are well in tuned with what can and cannot be claimed for from your insurance policy. We carry out a full survey of affected areas for any damages which are entitled to be claimed for. We also use state of the art moisture meters to provide evidence of exactly what is damaged.
Have a suspected underfloor leak? why not have it professionally assess by PCLA our first survey is “Free” and we offer a “No Win No Fee” on your claim.

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