What a Terrible Winter

published on June 14, 2018 by Peter

Probably one of our worse and prolonged winters ever. However, in recent weeks the weather has picked up and the country is drying out nicely. A very wet winter followed by a very dry summer can have an effect on the ground conditions below your property. As an example if your property is founded on expansive clays, these clays will expand as the groundwater level rises and contract when the level drops. Could this affect your property? Yes, if there is differential downward movement of your foundations this could damage walls and floors.  Is this ground shrinkage covered by your home insurance policy? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straight forward

All policies exclude bedding down or settlement of new structures. If your property is older than 10 years and this type of damage has never happened before then settlement/bedding down wouldn’t apply.

Some home insurance policies under the peril ‘subsidence’ do not exclude shrinkage but others do exclude shrinkage.  The policies that exclude, seems unfair and in this situation maybe should be challenged.

Reading and interpreting these policies should be done by a professional acting on your behalf. Property Claims Loss Assessors Ltd having over 20 years of experience in property damage claims.

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