Our Insurance Claim Process

The actual damage to your home is the worst part. After that people say not knowing what to do next and what will happen can be just as bad.
Lets us explain clearly what will happen when you have PCLA represent your claim.

Step 01

Reporting your Claim

If you have a claim it is better to call us first, if you have already called your insurance don't worry it's not too late just call us straight away. We will carry out our first survey either on the day or within two working days. Once we have reviewed the damage it is more efficient that we report it to the insurance company. We know their systems, we speak their language, we can give them an immediate estimate that helps them deal with the claim more quickly. If you report the claim directly you may be asked to provide three estimates or you may give an estimate without understanding the full extent of the damage involved. If the claim isn't reported accurately and under the correct peril it can cause confusion, delays, and could result in a settlement which is lower than you are entitled to.

Step 02

Our Assessment

By profession, we are Engineers and Building Surveyors and we assess all damage thoroughly. As an example for an underfloor leak we carry out a full dampness survey of the entire ground floor of the house. In a fire damage claim we understand smoke gets into every nook and cranny in the property.

Step 03

Meeting the Insurance Company Loss Adjuster

If you're too busy at work and cannot be there, no problem, we can meet the adjuster. As Certified Insurance practitioners regulated by central bank we know the policies as well as the lost adjusters and most importantly we can interpret the policies to the benefit of you (the policyholder). It generally takes, after reporting a claim, 3 to 5 working days to get a loss adjuster appointment.

Step 04

Submission of Claim

We have acted for policyholders for over 20 years and our claim submissions are thorough and based on the latest building rates. Our claim would be very similar to a bill of quantities on a building project. Our claims include contents, alternative accommodation and Business Interruption. On average, it takes 1 to 3 days after meeting the loss adjuster to submit the claim, depending on the claim size.

Step 05

Claim Negotiation

For a standard water damage claim, this process takes approximately two weeks. When we have achieved a settlement offer that reflects the full entitlement per terms of the policy, we then recommend the offer to you the policyholder. After the claim settles it can take two weeks to receive a cheque.

Large Claims / Emergency Claims

The above timelines are for standard claims. In an emergency or large loss where funds are needed much fast an interim payment can be made, as an example to make a fire damage building safe.