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Many homeowners may not recognise the damage that can be caused by a protein fire. Whereas damage from a typical fire is obvious, protein fires can be more destructive. Many homeowners underestimate the damage of a protein fire because they don’t see the “typical” black smoke residue commonly associated with home fires. A protein fire […]

Have you had a Chimney fire?

Peoples idea of a chimney fire is a street filled with smoke and flames coming out of the flue or you could have an explosive noisy fire but both are rare. Quiet and slow burning chimney fires are most common and that’s why people have them unbeknownst to themselves. Here are some tell-tale signs that […]

Storm damage

The powerful storms hitting the USA and China are reminders to us that Ireland could also get some storms this winter too. Even though your home insurance covers storm damage its equally important that you prepare your home for preventing same and keeping your family safe. Here are some tips Clean all gutters, downpipes and […]

Laminate Flooring versus Hardwood

Laminate flooring is now the public’s favourite choice as opposed to 10 years ago where hardwoods were more favoured. In fact, in the flooring showrooms you may not find any hardwoods displayed. The prefinished laminates are all being manufactured in Germany and Austria and the quality has improved greatly in the last 4 years. Even […]

Leaking Showers

People commonly call us and ask us are shower leaks covered. It depends on what element of the shower is leaking. If the water is leaking through the tiles or through the seals between the tiles and the tray, then the damage is not covered. If the damage is as a result of the hot, […]

Always take out an insurance policy

As public Loss Assessors, too often we come across people with no insurance on their property. There’s always excuses about letting the policy lapse, not viewed as essential etc. etc. Given that your home is the most single valuable asset you have, insuring it is essential. Another situation is where people could be in a […]

Boiler servicing

It’s that time of year again when the kids go back to school, summer is over. Who knows when the warm weather will end but it is important that your heating system is ready when the weather does turn cold. We advise a lot of our clients to keep their boilers regularly serviced as it […]

Property Claims Loss Assessors Ltd Supporting Charities

It’s that time of year again when we support the ‘Lap of Louth’ charity cycle. The cycle this year is supporting two charities. The North Louth Hospice and SOSAD. The hospice is a fantastic hands on charity that arranges transport for treatment and sometimes care for cancer patients who cannot provide for themselves. As all […]

Dangers of Hot Weather

We certainly always appreciate hot weather when it comes in Ireland. However, the chances of accidental fires increase as the weather gets hotter. Everything like burnt grass all of a sudden becomes combustible. Recent gorse fires in Sleeve Bloom mountains would have the hot weather to blame. Even household items in garden sheds can be […]

What a Terrible Winter

Probably one of our worse and prolonged winters ever. However, in recent weeks the weather has picked up and the country is drying out nicely. A very wet winter followed by a very dry summer can have an effect on the ground conditions below your property. As an example if your property is founded on […]

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