Do you have a leaking /damaged roof?

Stains in the ceiling and slates on the ground are good signs that damage has occurred. Contact us today to know if you can be covered.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Roof Damage Claims

Roof damage claims

There are a lot of exclusions for roof damage. Your insurance company will not cover wear and tear on a roof. Unless you are a structural engineer or roof specialist you won’t know the difference. That is why you should contact us straight away to let us come and inspect the damage.

What to do if your roof is leaking

Call us straight away, we will advise you what to do over the phone. We will then help you to document damage caused and contact a roofer to facilitate any emergency repairs, we will then file the claim for you. If you file your claim yourself, there is a risk you might agree to something you don’t understand, you might be left paying for the entirety of your roof repair without any help from the insurance company. Roof repairs are not cheap, don’t get caught out. Let us use our expertise to give you the best possible chance of receiving your maximum entitlement from your claim.

Roof Damage Claims

No Win, No Fee

Damage Assessed
Within 2 days

24 Hour Advice on
Project Work

Certified Insurance

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